Presentation of charity cheques 2016

On 14th January, RWM Johnny Gauld welcomed the RW PGM Robert Little into Lodge Dunlop Caledonian No. 1408.

After the Lodge was closed RWM Johnny Gauld made the annual donations to various charities as listed below


Dunlop Community                Peter Inglis

St. Vincent Hospice                Louise Strachan

Senior Citizens                        Meg True                                                Irene Kerr

Dunlop Kirk                            Margo McMurdo

Ayrshire Cancer Support        Willie Smith



PGLA                                     RW PGM Robert Little




Donations were also sent to Erskine Hospital and The Mission to Deep Sea Fisherman as they were not present for the presentations.

Dunlop Caledonia would like to say thank you to Bro J Stewart Cruickshank for the use of the photographs. Printed copies can be made available at the following prices:-

10” x 8”  £6.00  12” x 8”  £6.00 and all profits will be donated to the PGLA PGM’s fund. Contact the website for details.

4 comments on “Presentation of charity cheques 2016
  1. William James Dunlap says:

    Gentleman, and Ladies if they are present,
    I am pleased to be derived from your region.
    I am curious also to know historical connections to northern Ireland, which I will endeavor to research.
    Keep up the good work; my grandfather was a Mason and perhaps now I know why…
    Dr. William J. Dunlap
    Intelligence Officer,
    Virginia, USA

  2. Julie A Potter-Dunlop says:


    My 10X paternal great-grandfather was born and raised in Dunlop village in 1458. I am my family’s genealogist and have been searching for any living Dunlop relatives in the village. Could you point me to a contact person?

    Many thanks for any advice or guidance you can provide. I do appreciate it.

    Julie Dunlop

  3. worshipful Master Adam Skiff of North Star Lodge 12 Richmond Vermont USA says:

    Greetings brothers,
    Great to see your website. I am a descendent of john Dunlop and the fonder of Dunlop. I in the future would love to visit your lodge. You do such great work. Thanks


    WM Adam Skiff

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